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Three-Step Enrollment Process for New Students

1. Identify your neighborhood school, which is based on your home address. If you do not know which school your child will attend, click here to find out which school is your “home school,” or call our Transportation Department at 541-967-4626. If you are interested in applying for a transfer you still register at your resident school. Click here to view the transfer process.

2. 2021-22: Visit to register online. Normally, we ask that you call the school to determine the best time for the legal parent/guardian to go to the school to enroll your child.

Bring required enrollment documentation for proof of address, proof of age and proof of immunization with you when you go to enroll your child.  If you cannot provide proof of address because you are living with a relative/friend, a Proof of Address Statement Form is required for enrollment.

3. At the school, be sure to fill out each form and online (if applicable) information completely. Your school will have specific details about when your child will start school and other information such as supply lists, teachers/classes, fees, etc.

Quick Links to Forms and Information

Registration Requirements (Proof of Address, Proof of Age and Proof of Immunization)

Proof of Address Statement Form

Authorization for Medication Administration

Parent and Student Handbook