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Transfer Requests

Transfers are required for students to attend a school other than their “home school” – the school assigned based on the parent/guardian’s legal address of residence.  An online application must be completed to request a transfer to another school.  A final decision is made based on the time of year you apply.

If you wish to attend your home school, simply enroll at the school with the necessary paperwork. Your new school will arrange for an exchange of records from the previous school.

See related Board Policies (JECB, JECB-AR(1), JECB-AR(2), JECC, JECC-AR(1), JECC-AR(2))

Note: Albany Online is a program for students in Kindergarten – 12th grades.  For more information, please go to   

Albany Online es un programa para estudiantes desde el Kínder hasta el 12vo grado. Para más información, por favor vaya a:

GAPS Transfer Openings Information

COVID UPDATE: Planning for the Fall 2020 reopening is currently underway and school transfers may be affected. Transfer requests submitted during the July window will be reviewed in early August and parents will be notified beginning around August 12. In the meantime, you are encouraged to register at your boundary area school.

ACTUALIZACIÓN SOBRE EL COVID: La planificación para la reapertura en el otoño del 2020, está actualmente en curso y las transferencias escolares pueden verse afectadas. Las solicitudes de transferencia enviadas durante la periodo de julio, se revisarán a principios de agosto y se notificará a los padres a partir del 12 de agosto. Mientras tanto, se le recomienda que se registre en su escuela dentro del área de los límites de su residencia.

Greater Albany Public Schools has limited transfer openings. Please note, if you have previously received a denial of transfer, you must reapply for new openings as they appear — your previous request does not stay in our system. Thank you for your understanding.


In-District Transfer Information

In-District Transfers

  • The In-District transfer process applies to Greater Albany Public School District students who wish to transfer from their neighborhood school to another school within the district.
  • Students need to enroll at their home school even if you are applying for an In-District transfer.  If a transfer is approved your home school will be notified.
  • The online application link will become active the day the window opens.
2020-2021 School Year: July In-District Application Window

This window will open July 1 – Now CLOSED Please complete the following form: GAPS Transfer Request Form

  • Parents are expected to enroll students at their neighborhood school until a transfer request is approved.
  • Parents will be notified via e-mail, phone call, or letter about their application. 
  • If your transfer request is not approved during this window you may apply again during our semester transfer window which occurs November 15-December 31
  • We do not keep a waiting list.
  • See below if you moved during the school year and/or have plans to move during the summer.
2020-21 School Year INTER-District Transfer Applications

Inter-District Transfers:

  • The Inter-District transfer process applies to transfers between the Greater Albany Public School District and another District.
  • This is a two-part process. Both parts must be completed in order for the application to be complete.  
Transfers OUT of the Greater Albany School District

Inter-district Transfers, transferring OUT of the Greater Albany School District

For students who wish to transfer out of GAPS District to another school district, please print the Inter-District Transfer Out form  (en español). Fill out the form then email the form to Jennifer Gird or bring it to the District Office, 718 Seventh Ave. SW, Albany, OR.  We will need to sign the form for your new district indicating we release your child as a student in our district.

For further information please call Jennifer Gird, 541-967-4519.

If You Have Moved

Have you moved during the school year?  Do you think you may move during the summer months?

What you need to do:

  • Contact your current school and let them know you have moved.  This is critical!  
  • Students who move during the school year may continue at their current school provided a Special Circumstance transfer request form is submitted.
    • This is a paper transfer application.  Please contact your school or the district office for a copy.
    • You must update address and telephone information at the school.
  • Students who move during the summer may continue at their current school provided a Special Circumstance transfer request form is submitted.
    • This is a paper transfer application.  Please contact your school or the district office for a copy.
    • You must update address and telephone information at the school.

Per School Board Policy JECC-AR(1):  “Any student in attendance at a district school due to bonafide legal residency whose residence changes to a different district attendance area may choose whether to attend the new neighborhood school or the former school.  Students who move during the school year may remain at the former school upon completion of a transfer application.  Students who move during the summer are permitted to stay upon submission of a transfer application.   Once a student enrolls in the school in the attendance area to which the parent or guardians have moved, it becomes the student’s assigned neighborhood school.”

Find Your Home School

Not sure which school is your “home school”?
Click here to find out which school is your “home school.”

New to the district or to your neighborhood school?
You may register your child at your home school at any time during the school year by going to the school office. Check your school website for office hours.