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How to Enroll

Now enrolling for  Spring 2019!

After submitting an application, please contact the Albany Online staff to come in and fill out the additional documents as needed.

Eligibility Requirements

Students in grades K-12 are eligible for this program.  If your student lives in the Greater Albany Public school district, you will need to secure a referral from your local resident school.  If you live outside the Greater Albany district, you will need to secure an Inter-District transfer approval.  We will  happily discuss those requirements with you and walk you through those processes.

All online students are required to have a Learning Coach, someone that can assist the student with technology issues as well as assist the student with their curriculum.  The Learning Coach also assists the student in meeting deadlines and attendance requirements.

All Albany Online families will need to provide internet access and a working computer for their student.  GAPS students may qualify for a loaner computer. Cell phones, tablets, and Chromebooks are not suggested for use  with the online curriculum.

Steps to Enroll

Create an Account
Enrolling your student is important, but it should not be difficult.  We have designed the enrollment process to provide you with the tools, resources and guidance you will need, anytime you need it.

Create My Account

After completing your enrollment with, you will be instructed to contact us.  There are additional documents to get the registration process with Albany Online completed.  We will send materials to you via email or we can schedule an enrollment meeting with you in person, in Albany.

Thanks for your interest in the Albany Online. We look forward to working with you and your family.

Call us: 541-967-4607