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Families And Community Together (FACT)

Image of 6 FACT Team Members

FACT is the Health and Social Service program for the Greater Albany Public School District. The FACT Team links schools, students, and families with available community services and resources in the Albany area. FACT also assists families in navigating school systems and processes. When you contact the FACT office you will be referred to the team member assigned to your student’s school.  

The goal of each member of the FACT team is to provide support to you and your family in locating and accessing educational, health, and community services. Together we can tackle the barriers to student success.

FACT services are provided for FREE.

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Give us a call at 541-924-3720. (Staff are temporarily working off site but phone messages will be checked daily.) 

Family and Community Support

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FACT COVID-19 Resources McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

School & Designated FACT Team Members:

Elementary Schools
  • Central – Shanna Turner email
  • Clover Ridge – Rebecca Seltz email
  • Lafayette – Gene Vey email
  • Liberty – Gene Vey email
  • North Albany – Shanna Turner email
  • Oak – Gene Vey email
  • Oak Grove – Shanna Turner email
  • Periwinkle – Gene Vey email
  • South Shore – Rebecca Seltz email
  • Sunrise – Gene Vey email
  • Takena – Shanna Turner email
  • Tangent – Shanna Turner email
  • Timber Ridge – Rebecca Seltz email
  • Waverly – Rebecca Seltz email
Middle Schools
  • Timber Ridge – Rebecca Seltz email
  • Calapooia – Gene Vey email
  • Memorial – 6th/7th Grades: Shanna Turner email
  • Memorial – 8th Grade: Rhonda Jacques email
  • North Albany – Shanna Turner email
High Schools
  • Albany Options – Rhonda Jacques email
  • Albany Options – Rich Guzman email
  • South Albany – Rich Guzman email
  • West Albany – Rhonda Jacques email
  • Albany Online – Shanna Turner email
FACT Office Staff

Greater Albany Public School District Families and Community Together Office Front701 19th Ave SE, Albany OR 97322


  • Administrator: Dr. Krista McGuyer
  • Office Manager: Tara Dixson email
  • McKinney-Vento / Homeless Liaison; Foster Care: Tara Dixon email
  • Secretary: Sabrina Bumgardner email

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