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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Online Registration have to be complete before coming to the school registration?
It is preferred that you complete the Online Registration for your student(s) prior to coming to the school registration because it will save time during school registration.
Will I have to fill out as much paperwork with Online Registration?
No.  The benefit of Online Registration is reducing the amount of paperwork parents fill out to register their student.  Most information will be reviewed and updated during Online Registration.
Who will receive the required information?
The legal parent or guardian will receive the required information needed for Online Registration.  This information will be mailed with your student’s report card at the end of the year.
Who will have access to register my student(s)?
The legal parent/guardian will have the ability to register their student with their PIV number during Online Registration.  The legal parent/guardian can give the information to another person in a parental relationship (Stepfather, Stepmother, etc) to complete the Online Registration.  By giving the information to another person, the parent is authorizing that person to register their student.

Do I have to have the required PIV number to register my student(s)?
Yes.  To be able to register your student, the legal parent/guardian must use their PIV number to create an account with Registar.  The PIV number is a unique number for each legal parent/guardian.  When you create your Registar account each year and enter the PIV number, Registar connects to our student information system and pulls your student(s) information into Registar.  If this number is not used, you will not see your student(s) in Registar.

Is the PIV number the same number I use to view assignments and grades?
Yes.  Middle and high school parent/guardians currently use their PIV number to access Gradebook to check assignments, grades and attendance.  Elementary parent/guardians do not use Gradebook and do not know their PIV number.

What information will I need to enter for my student(s)?
Information from our student information system will be available for you to review and update in Registar.  You will only need to enter health history information, give permission/consents (field trips, internet, public library, etc) and provide a digital signature.

Will I have to review and update each of my student’s information?
Yes.  When you create an account and log into Registar during Online Registration each of your student’s will be listed.  Each student’s information will need to be reviewed and updated.

What do I do if I don’t have a computer?
Computers will be available at buildings throughout the district prior to and during school registration dates.

Can I use my phone or tablet?
It is not recommended to complete Online Registration using your phone or tablet.  Your phone or tablet may have difficulty viewing the registration pages or have service issues connecting to Registar.

Will my middle/high school student(s) need to forecast for classes?
Yes.  Forecasting for classes is a separate process from Online Registration.

Will I need to fill out spring registration paperwork for my elementary student(s)?
Spring registration paperwork will be changing with Online Registration.  Instead of a registration form, the legal parent/guardian will fill out an Intent to Register form.  This form will be filled out with the name of the student that will be returning for the next school year.  This form will assist the school in planning for the number of classes needed for each grade.  Online Registration and School Registration finalize a student’s registration for the next year.

When will I receive more information?
The next parent communication will be included with your student’s end of the year report card.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Contact the school office or e-mail your question to  Please include school your student attends, student name, your name, phone number and contact preference (phone or e-mail).