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RIM Elementary School

Elementary RIM

Welcome to Remote Instructional Model (RIM) Elementary School!

Listed below is class information, teacher contact information, and school support for you and your student. This page will be updated with information throughout the school year!

Things to Know about Elementary RIM

  • The school day will always begin at 9:05 a.m. and end at 3 p.m., Monday to Friday. There is no early release on Wednesdays.
  • Students are expected to be in class all day. Attendance is taken twice a day, same as in-person students.
  • RIM classes are teacher driven with curriculum that matches in-person learning. Teachers are using Zoom. For help setting up a Zoom account, visit our Technology Help page.
  • There is one teacher per grade. Follow this link for the full contact list.
  • Transfers to RIM learning must happen at a natural break (end of semester, end of quarter, etc.). Please talk to your home school if interested in transferring.
Technology Support

Parents, you will receive a weeks notice that curriculum and technology materials are ready for pick-up. You are required to pick-up materials at Tangent Elementary School for your student.

Technology Support Technology FAQ Need Help?
Resources for Parents

ParentSquare Log-in | ParentSquare is the communication program GAPS uses to connect parents with the district. Updates, alerts, news, and other communication will come through email, text, or app notification. By activating an account, you can adjust notification settings, language preferences, and engage in your school community by commenting on posts.

Lunch Pick-Up | All students receive free lunch this year. To pick-up your student’s lunch, please visit your student’s home school.

Student Parent Handbook | This tool breaks down GAPS departments, services, and more.

Mental Health Resources | GAPS has Mental Health services in the district, as well as community partnerships with local mental health organizations.

Family Resources | Here is a list of services and resources in the Albany community and GAPS school community for parents and families. 

FACT Office | Family and Community Together (FACT) is the Health and Social Service program for GAPS. The FACT team helps link families with available community services and assist in navigating the school system.

GAPS Facebook | Follow the Greater Albany Public Schools Facebook page for community news.

Office Contact Information

Matie Dougherty- Office Manager
541-497-5000 (Remote Instructional Model)
541-967-4616 (Tangent Elementary School)

Gretchen Carter- Principal

IT Help Desk