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Providing safe and comfortable facilities to ensure our students have the best atmosphere for a quality education.

Facility Use
  • Facility Use Rules and Procedures
    • Specialized Facilities, Equipment, and Usage
    • Facility Usage Agreement
    • Rules of Conduct for Use of School Facilities
  • Vaccination Status
    • Non-GAPS Staff event hosts are required to be up-to-date vaccinated and observe current indoor mask and health practices based on District, State, and Federal declarations.
      • Non-GAPS Staff participants and volunteers assisting with events are required to be up-to-date vaccinated and observe indoor mask and health practices based on current District, State, and Federal declarations.
      • All GAPS Staff hosting or affiliated with events are subject to current District directives and employment agreements.
    • Groups exempt from required up-to-date vaccination status:
      • Spectators of events.
      • Participants under 16 years of age.
  • Facility Fees
  • Facility Usage Reservations
  • Facility Usage Calendar
ODE Model Healthy and Safe Schools Pest Management Radon Policy Work Orders

If you have a work order you would like to submit for the facilities department, please click the “SchoolDude” icon below:


Click on the attached link for assistance with logging in and how to put in a work order:


Maintenance Work Order Help

Facility Usage Help


Contact Information

3610 Grand Prairie Road SE
Albany, Oregon 97322


Doug Pigman

Gary Dahlquist

Karri O’Connell

Confidential Secretary:
Cathrine Thomas

Tammy Goff

Micah Winnie

Chuck Filice – HS, Liberty, MMS
Mike Nelson – NAES, NAMS, Oak Grove, Fairmount, Meadow Ridge, Timber Ridge, Tangent
Larry Stewart – City Elementary and MS (except for Liberty and MMS)
David Hisgen – Curb Appeal

Maintenance Specialists:
Ken Ries – HVAC
Mike Guilliot – HVAC
Mitchell Walton – HVAC
Ron Vetter – Plumber
Val Danchev – Electrician
Greg Erthal – Carpenter
Slava Danchev – Carpenter
Kyle Gilchrist – Low Voltage Apprentice, Kitchen Equipment Repair
Steve Arnst – Locksmith