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How to register as a new Classified Substitute on AESOP

Once you have attended Classified Orientation you will receive a letter from the Human Resources Department informing you about the automated substitute and leave program referred to as AESOP. This letter will include your identification number (ID) and your personal identification number (PIN). This service uses both the telephone and the Internet to assist you in locating jobs in the district. At that point you will be ready to start substituting in Greater Albany Public School District. To stay active as a substitute,it is necessary to register with the district annually.

Things to note

You may interact with the system either on the Internet or by way of a toll-free, automated voice instruction menu system at 1-800-942-3767.

The administrative office has selected the following hours as standard call times when the AESOP service may call for substitutes: 05:30 – 11:59; 17:00 – 22:00.

What to do when AESOP calls you

You may be prompted to enter either your PIN number and/or your identification (ID) number. This information can be found on the letter you received from the Human Resources Department.

AESOP will provide you with the following details of the assignment:

  1. School name
  2. Date(s) of assignment
  3. Room or location where you need to report
  4. Start time
  5. Any further special instructions left by the absentee.

You will then be prompted to either accept or reject the assignment. You will also have the option to reject the assignment as well as all future calls for jobs on the day of the particular assignment. If you accept, AESOP will issue you a confirmation number that you might need in the event of a follow-up inquiry. Please remember that you have not accepted the job until you receive a confirmation number.

Please note: you may also contact AESOP to search for available jobs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Internet at website or on the phone at 1-800-942-3767.

How to contact AESOP via the website

You can also search for and accept available jobs, change personal settings, update your calendar, and personalize your available to call times by visiting AESOP’s  website.   You will be prompted to enter your ID and PIN numbers as specified on the letter you received. Should you experience difficulty using the system, please contact Connie Santoyo at 541-967-4501.


What is the 1-800 number and web site?

1-800-942-3767 or AESOP’s website.

I am having problems logging on - can you help me?

Make sure you are using the correct ID and PIN number – refer to your Welcome Letter or contact your AESOP Administrator, Connie Santoyo via email, or call 541-967-4501).

Can I use both the computer and the phone?


I do not have a computer - will that put me at a disadvantage?

No.  You will simply use the phone system to interact with AESOP.

What if AESOP calls and I miss the phone call?

You can simply call AESOP back using the 1-800 number or log onto the web site.

What will show up on my caller ID when AESOP calls?

The AESOP phone number of 800-942-3767 will display on your caller ID.

Does AESOP call in alphabetic order or randomly?

AESOP will call in a random order.

What should I do if I can’t make it the day I’m supposed to sub?

As a sub in the Albany School District you have the ability to call or log into the system and cancel the assignment.  If you are able to do so, it would be appreciated if you called the school to let them know you have cancelled.

Is there any limit to the number of jobs a sub can take at a time? (In other words, can someone who’s really aggressive take all the jobs?)

A sub can only work one job at a time. AESOP will not allow a sub’s job to overlap. As a sub in the Albany School District you cannot work more than 8 hours per day so it’s your responsibility not to accept more than 8 hours of work in any given day.

Am I at a disadvantage because I’m rarely home?

No. You can simply use the 1-800 number at your convenience, or log onto the web site from any internet-enabled computer.

What if I’ve been a preferred sub for several employees (or a school) - can I still be?

Yes. It would be a good idea if you contacted the employee or school to make sure they have you on their preferred list in the AESOP system.

Is the phone automatically updated with jobs when someone enters an absence on the Internet and vice versa?

Once an absence has been created both the phone and Internet will be updated at the same time.

If I accept a job for today will AESOP continue to call me?

No. Once you accept an absence for today AESOP will NOT call you nor will you see other jobs available on the web site for today.

I cannot find any jobs - can you help me?

There may not be jobs available at this time. The sub may have chosen to work at only one school and they must decide if they want to make themselves available to more schools. They may have marked today as a Non work day and no jobs will be shown.

I do not want AESOP to call me on certain days - how can I do that?

On the web site, go to Tell AESOP When to Call Me. Or you are welcome to call the SAL Help Desk at 967-4501 and it can be done for you.

How many days in advance will AESOP call me?

AESOP will make calls two days in advance of the start date.

If I accept a job over the phone, do I have to update my calendar on the web?

No. Your calendar will be automatically updated.

If I change my phone number or PIN, how long does it take for that to become effective?

Instantaneously. Remember, your PHONE number is your login ID number!

How often can I change my phone number? For example, if I am going to be out during the day, can I change it to my cell phone number, then back again later that day?

You can change your phone number as often as you deem necessary.

What if I forget the details to the absence? Can I retrieve them from AESOP?

On the website, go to View My Schedule and the detail information is listed below. You can also review your upcoming schedule on the phone.

How do I select which schools I want to see jobs at or do not want to see jobs at?

The schools you have checked on the substitute paperwork at orientation will be the schools that you will be able to see jobs for.

Substitute Pay Ratese (effective 2017-18)