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Talented and Gifted (TAG)

Welcome to the Greater Albany Public Schools Talented and Gifted Website!

Greater Albany Public Schools are committed to identifying and fostering the full potential of TAG students by supporting their distinct intellectual and academic needs.  We recognize that TAG students are a diverse group with a variety of abilities, talents, and needs who come from all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups and across genders.  As such, students will be offered multiple, diverse opportunities to show giftedness through testing, work samples, and surveys.

We believe it is our responsibility as educators to provide appropriate instructional programs in a supportive environment that fosters and encourages every child to reach his or her potential. It is the district’s philosophy that TAG students’ needs require a range of service options such as differentiation, acceleration, curriculum compacting, dual enrollment, cluster grouping, and the use of a variety of teaching and learning strategies.  The service options selected are based on the unique needs of the TAG learner. In Albany Public Schools, the teacher is the primary instructor for TAG students based upon rate and level as determined through both formal and informal assessments.  Flexible opportunities for TAG students to interact and learn with other students with similar abilities and interests will be purposefully planned.  We recognize that some gifted students have additional special needs which require accommodation or specialized services. When appropriate, both TAG and support services for twice-exceptional students and English language learners will be coordinated.

In addition, appropriate gifted education programming must include development, implementation, and management of services for talented and gifted students. Staff development will be provided to all administrators, teachers, and counselors on the academic, social and emotional needs of gifted learners.  Teachers of TAG students are encouraged to identify self-directed professional goals, seek out professional development opportunities, and engage in sharing and building professional practice through collaboration.

If you have any questions about your TAG student, please contact your Building TAG Facilitator. Their contact information can be found in the link to the left. For district level support, you can email our District TAG Facilitator, Stacey Lee.