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Talented and Gifted (TAG)

Talented and Gifted (TAG) Services

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Greater Albany Public Schools are committed to identifying and fostering the full potential of TAG students by supporting their distinct intellectual and academic needs.  We recognize that TAG students are a diverse group with a variety of abilities, talents, and needs who come from all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups and across genders. We recognize that some gifted students have additional special needs which require accommodation or specialized services. The most common service model is for TAG-identified students to be served within their regular education courses with appropriate differentiation for rate and level based on their abilities and interests. 

The current service plan can be found here.

In 2022-23, we are working on a major revision TAG service plan. Updates will be posted to this page.

Contact your school’s TAG facilitator and/or our district’s TAG administrator, Stacey Lee.

Information and Resources: