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Character Education

Character Education is a prime focus at Greater Albany Public Schools. The following character traits have been identified by the Albany community and school district as important values that should be taught, modeled and practiced.

Personal Responsibility

Being responsible for one’s own actions and future. Having ownership and being accountable for the outcomes of decisions, and learning from mistakes.


Honesty – truthfulness, genuineness, being true to one’s beliefs, attaining goals in a fair manner. Integrity – being true to one’s ethical beliefs and taking action based on those beliefs.

Self Discipline

Being able to control or improve one’s pattern of behavior in moral, mental, emotional and physical wellness.


Having the internal strength to follow through on what one believes to be right or fair. Courage includes taking action on personal commitments.

Social Responsibility

Being willing to participate in or develop community through volunteerism, voting, community service, and showing respect for country.


Thinking and caring about the welfare of others. The considerate personal interaction that enriches the lives of others.


Recognizing the worth and rights of self and others, the value of property and the environment. Respect includes valuing authority and being courteous to others.


Upholding what one believes to be fair. Being fair-minded in the treatment of others.