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GAPS Child Development Programs

GAPS Child Development ProgramGreater Albany Public Schools supports the social, emotional, and academic development of all of the three to five-year-old children in its preschool programs by fostering their innate capabilities and unlimited curiosity in the classroom, in the community, and within the larger world. GAPS Child Development Programs are free of cost.


In the summer of 2020, Greater Albany Public Schools earned a Preschool Promise grant from the State of Oregon’s Early Learning Division. Governor Brown’s Student Success Act directed a portion of the funds to support a publicly-funded, high quality preschool system in Oregon called Preschool Promise. GAPS is using this grant funding, plus SIA funds, for continued operations of the South Shore, Sunrise, Tangent, and Waverly Child Development Programs.


The child development programs in Greater Albany Public Schools follow an Inquiry-Based Approach to Teaching and Learning. Inspired by the philosophies of Reggio-Emilia, staff believe a teacher’s role is to facilitate learning by setting up engaging opportunities for all children to think, predict, wonder, and imagine. Using the natural sciences and expressive arts as particular subjects of inspiration, staff offer open-ended questions, intriguing dilemmas, and beautiful environments so that young children may take ownership of their learning as they make discoveries, find meaning, and uncover possibilities. Preschool staff believe in supporting the family, and developing partnerships within the larger community, so that children may grow up in the most nurturing and engaging environment possible.

Program Goals

The Five Habits of Mind inform the central goals of the district’s child development programs. Staff create opportunities for children in which they learn to:

  1. Focus attention to pursue an interest, gratify curiosity, respond to challenge, try out ideas
  2. Communicate ideas and emotions clearly and appropriately
  3. Make connections, note relationships and organize items based on observed details
  4. Collaborate with others to accomplish a shared goal
  5. Think strategically, creatively, reflectively to follow an interest or tackle a challenge

Sample Daily Schedule

  Time   Activities
  7:50am   Arrival: backpacks, handwashing, and optional exercise
  8:00am   Breakfast: community table conversations
  8:15am   Name recognition/writing; time with text
  8:30am   Gathering time on carpet
  9:30am   Discovery time
  10:30am   Clean up and outdoor play
  11:00am   Gathering time on carpet
  12:30pm   Lunch and outdoor play
  1:15-2:30pm   Music and movement, snack, and dismissal
Enrollment Information

The preschool slots available at the South Shore, Sunrise, and Waverly Child Development Programs are for income-eligible families. For these slots, families enroll through the Early Learning Hub. Application forms can be found HERE. The Tangent Child Development Program is currently not a Preschool Promise site.

Parent Resources and Information Preschool Contact Information

Katy Allaback
District Early Learning Program Assistant

South Shore Child Development Program (Spanish Language Program; not Dual Immersion)
South Shore Elementary School

Sunrise Child Development Program
Sunrise Elementary School

Tangent Child Development Program
Tangent Elementary School

Waverly Child Development Program
Waverly Elementary School

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