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New Meadow Ridge Elementary School

Meadow Ridge is under construction, a brand new school for 600 students, which will help relieve overcrowding in both Clover Ridge and Timber Ridge schools. It’s completion is scheduled for January 2020.* 


Current Activities

Todd Construction continues to focus their efforts in the construction of the structural framing in sector A & B and is continuing roofing installation in all sectors. Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical (MP&E) rough-in continue throughout the structure in preparation of finishes. Batt insulation is near complete in sector C and the first floor and will proceed through the rest of the structure. Roof dry in has been established in most of sectors A, B & C with the exception of the commons area. The building envelope is in progress, with essential mockups approved. Todd has completed all of the required water quality planters, which are now in the water proofing stage.

Construction Schedule

Pre-Design & Schematics 06/06/17 07/31/17 100%
Design Development 08/01/17 10/03/17 100%
Construction Documents 10/10/17 02/01/18 100%
Bid and Award 02/21/18 03/14/18 100%
Construction 07/20/18 11/15/19 59.6%
Building Commissioning 11/01/19 11/07/19 0%
Owner Occupancy 11/15/19 12/06/19 0%
Post Occupancy Evaluation 12/15/19 12/15/19 0%
Warranty Period 11/15/19 11/15/20 0%

Design Rendering, Site Map, and Video Tour

Click HERE for photo-realistic photos of the outside of Meadow Ridge.

Click HERE for the site map.

Click HERE for the video tour.

*For information on the community plans for the Meadow Ridge, Clover Ridge, and Timber Ridge home boundary areas, please see this letter to parents HERE.