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Oak Grove Replacement

Oak Grove Elementary School is a 60,405 square foot replacement school for 500 students to help relieve crowding in North Albany Elementary and Fir Grove. It was completed in Fall 2019.  


Current Activities

Gerding Builders is continuing toward completion of final punch list items. Preparation for on-site commissioning has also been in progress with certified VFD start up forms and pipe pressure test reports remaining to be completed.

Activities Scheduled for Next Period

Back check of punch list and on-site commissioning process.

Construction Schedule

Pre-Design & Initial Schematic Design 05/18/17 09/18/17 100%
Schematic Design Current Plan 11/06/17 01/18/18 100%
Design Development 12/26/17 03/08/18 100%
Construction Documents 02/26/18 05/18/18 100%
Bid and Award Site Package 04/16/18 06/08/18 100%
Building Demo Early Site Work 06/18/18 08/01/18 100%
Bid and Award Building Package 05/08/18 07/19/18 100%
Construction Building Package 06/21/18 08/29/19 98%
Building Commissioning TBD TBD
Owner Occupancy 08/01/19 08/21/19 100%
Post Occupancy Evaluation 09/01/19 TBD
Warranty Period TBD 1 Year

Site Map, Video Tour, and Articles

Click HERE for the site map and photo-realistic photos of Oak Grove.

Click HERE for a video tour.

Click HERE for an article and photos from the Grand Opening.

Click HERE for an article and photos on the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Click HERE for an article and photos on the demolition work.

*For information on the community plans for the Oak Grove, North Albany Elementary, and Fir Grove home boundary areas, please see this letter to parents HERE.