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Standards Based Grading

Pinnacle Gradebook

K-5 Resources 6-8 Resources

Pinnacle 6-8 Assignment Codes(September 2016)

Adding Assignment In Pinnacle Grades 6-8(September 2016)

Adding Category Colors in Pinnacle Grades 6-8 (September 2016)

How do I change a standard score on an assignment when more than one standard is attached? 

What do I do if I have both an academic and an effort standard and a student is missing this assignment? 

How Do I use Categories in MS grading?

Adding Comments (November 2016)

Running Report Cards(January 2017)

Implementing Newly Designed Report Card(January 2017)

Reports for Teachers-Updated December 2015

Learning Standards and Assignment Scores
(Created by GAPS Teacher)

Assignment & Component Score Report (PInnacle’s version)

Empty Class Grade Sheet

Grade Sheet

Missing Assignment Report


Standards-Based Grading

Elementary Grade Level Learning Standards for Teachers Other Resources