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Useful Information

  • Apps & Extensions
  • Cloud Printing: How to print from a chromebook
  • OAKS Browser Testing
  • The Basics (Ed Tech’s Beginner’s Guide to Chromebooks)
  • User Login
Work Orders
  • What is a work order?
  • Who can submit a work order?
  • Tutorial
  • Create your own work order
Logins and Passwords
  • Stuff and more stuff
  • Things and other things
P: Drive
  • What is it?
  • Why should I use it?
  • Where does it go?
  • Who can see it?
  • When…um…when will Technology stop harassing me about moving my stuff there instead of my desktop?
  • From a computer
  • From your phone, tablet, or Chromebook
  • I can’t find my printer
  • How to order a printer
  • Who buys/replaces the toner
  • Can you repair my printer
  • Basic Troubleshooting
Ordering Technology
  • Who to contact
  • Why go through Technology
  • Where is my order
  • Who can see my emails
  • Can I unsend an email?
  • How long are my emails stored
  • How many emails can I save?
  • How to set vacation notices
  • How to create rules and auto-sort