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South Albany High School Bond Project

The bond project for South Albany High School will include the development of a new multi-purpose/auxiliary gym, theater upgrades, and the renovation for two new CTE classrooms. The theater upgrades will support the construction of a lobby, concessions, elevator addition, and a restroom expansion.

The groundbreaking on South’s new multi-purpose/auxiliary gym happened December 26th of last year. In January, a temporary shelter was made so the gym could continue to be used during construction and a foundation was prepared for the two new classrooms. Once underground utilities are resolved around the auxiliary gym, the building pad will be completed and under slab utilities will be installed.


Current Activities

In the month of April one of Gerding Builders primary focus was pouring concrete. Foundations were completed in both Building 10 – new auxiliary gym as well as the exterior storage areas of CTE Buildings 4 & 5 (Career Technical Education). Building 4 is the auto and metal shops. Building 5 is the wood shop. Preparation for the Building 10 pour required that structurally reinforced Concrete Masonry Units with rebar (CMU) foundation walls be put in place first. Following that, vapor barrier and additional rebar for reinforcement was also placed by T. Gerding Construction.

In addition, the new Building 4 CTE classrooms received veneer CMU (thinner blocks for aesthetics and no structural support) and the start of a new roof. Inside those classrooms, electrical rough-in (conduit without wiring) and sheet metal ductwork began by Benton Electric and Mike’s Heating & Air Conditioning, both local contractors.

Finally, inside Building 4 CTE saw demolition completed and interior CMU work started and completed, as well as framing the new interior CTE classroom. This required the removal of the overhead mezzanine housing the building’s HVAC equipment, and installation of a replacement mezzanine that will support the classroom’s new open floor plan. 

HMKCO also hosted the Pre-Planning Meeting for Commissioning with Northwest Engineering Services Inc (NWESI). This triggered the District hosting a separate series of coordination meetings with Long Building Technologies who is involved in both the South Albany High School construction project, and district efforts to refine direct digital controls for the school central plant (HVAC system) outside the construction project. 

Construction Schedule

Pre-Design & Schematics


10/12/17 100%
Design Development 10/12/17 01/10/18 100%
Construction Documents 01/10/18 04/16/18 100%
Bid and Award 04/16/18 05/21/18 100%
Construction Documents (Revised) 07/10/18 11/01/18 100%
Bid and Award 10/24/18 12/10/18 100%
Construction 01/04/19 11/25/19 35%
Building Commissioning 07/08/19 12/10/19 0%
Owner Occupancy 12/11/19 01/03/20 0%
Post Occupancy Evaluation 01/06/20 01/10/20 0%

Initial Design Drawings and Renderings

Click HERE for initial design drawings.

Click HERE for photo-realistic design renderings.