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South Albany High School Bond Project

The bond project for South Albany High School will include the development of a new multi-purpose/auxiliary gym, theater upgrades, the renovation for CTE classrooms, plus the development of new CTE spaces. The theater upgrades will support the construction of a lobby, concessions, elevator addition, and a restroom expansion. Also includes HVAC renovations of Buildings 1 & 6, air handler modifications, and additions to the buildings for better comfort and energy efficiency.

A fire (original statement & update) in the construction area on December 10, 2019 and subsequent cleanup and restoration impacted progress. See below for more details.


Current Activities

Gerding Builders and Northwest Engineering Service Inc. (NWESI) provided planning between August’s Central Plant work and October’s Commissioning work by NWESI. Gerding Builders submitted their 14,000-page draft Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manual for the project, and DLR Group provided comments before the final set is submitted in October.

Outside of the contract for Gerding Builders, the fire lane striping was completed near the Community Pool. Procurement to install the high school’s new RedHawk statue into the Lobby of Building 10 was initiated.

Activities Scheduled For Next Period

Gerding Builders and NWESI will complete remaining Commissioning work at the Central Plant and NWESI will provide a final report. Gerding Builders will finalize their O&M Manual for the project, paving the way for their final pay application.

Highlights, Challenges, Solutions

The Central Plant at South Albany High school proved a challenge for the project’s Commissioning process. Now towards the end of that work, plans are in place to add one more bypass valve that will regulate flow more evenly between the older Carrier chiller and new Trane Multistack chiller, as well as repair a faulty isolation valve in the chilled water system.

Fortunately, the Commissioning process did what it was intended to do, and that was flush out issues that the project team could address before the team disbanded.

Construction Schedule

Pre-Design & Schematics


10/12/17 100%
Design Development 10/12/17 01/10/18 100%
Construction Documents 01/10/18 04/16/18 100%
Bid and Award 04/16/18 05/21/18 100%
Construction Documents (Revised) 07/10/18 11/01/18 100%
Bid and Award 10/24/18 12/10/18 100%
Construction 01/04/19 03/23/20 100%
Building Commissioning 03/02/20 07/17/20 99%
Owner Occupancy 04/02/20 07/17/20 100%
Post Occupancy Evaluation 04/06/21 05/08/21 0%
Warranty Periods 01-05/20 01-05/21 32-69%

Fire Restoration 

Current Activities

Testing and balancing (TAB) along with commissioning are progressing. All the new hall and coach’s office lights that were removed to replace the smoke damaged ceiling tiles are replaced. Eight feet of concrete sidewalk broken early in the cleanup has been removed for replacement.

Activities Scheduled For Next Period

Completion of TAB and commissioning. Concrete walk replacement. Final check for missed items by GAPS Facilities and closeout of project.

Highlights, Challenges, Solutions

Although it is unfortunate that schools are closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it helped the contractor move more freely throughout the building and appears to be expediting the speed of the project.


Initial Design Drawings and Renderings

Click HERE for initial design drawings.

Click HERE for photo-realistic design renderings.