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South Albany High School Bond Project

The bond project for South Albany High School will include the development of a new multi-purpose/auxiliary gym, theater upgrades, the renovation for CTE classrooms, plus the development of new CTE spaces. The theater upgrades will support the construction of a lobby, concessions, elevator addition, and a restroom expansion. Also includes HVAC renovations of Buildings 1 & 6, air handler modifications, and additions to the buildings for better comfort and energy efficiency.

A fire (original statement & update) in the construction area on December 10, 2019 and subsequent cleanup and restoration impacted progress. See below for more details.


Current Activities

January saw a substantial transition for Building 10; moving from “pending fire investigation” to construction restoration. The final investigations by the insurance’s fire investigators occurred early in the month allowing for a busy month of restoration work. Cleaning, performed by ServPro Disaster Restoration of Douglas County and ERS (who were responsible for cleaning all electronic and HVAC equipment), was completed this month. Additionally, completion of subcontractor contracts, procurement of replacement long lead items, the removal of ductwork, re-painting of all surfaces, and the application of a smoke seal to all exposed Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) occurred during this period. Finally, replacement skylights arrived and were installed, acoustic panels for the auxiliary gym were installed, installation of replacement ductwork began, and the damaged portion of the classroom concrete slab was cut, removed and re-poured.

The exterior of Building 10 also saw great progress with, final mulch and plants being placed as part of final landscaping. This occurred around Building 10 as well as in the remaining storm water planters around Buildings 4 & 5.

Activities Scheduled for the Next Period

February will see continued restoration work in Building 10. This includes final testing of the elevator, t-grid ceiling reinstallations in both classrooms, the start of the gym floor installation, and the reinstallation of window shades.

Highlights, Challenges, Solutions

Most of the materials needed to complete the project were previously procured following approved submittals, so it was fairly straight forward to leverage them for ordering replacement materials. However, the builder’s Risk Insurance carrier recommended an additional product for smoke sealing the CMU in Building 10. The team quickly reviewed submittals and made plans for an onsite mock-up for approval before applying it throughout the new construction zone.

The publishing of the revised restoration schedule was also expedited originally planned for December. Gerding Builders responded, and we now have that schedule in hand.

Construction Schedule

Pre-Design & Schematics


10/12/17 100%
Design Development 10/12/17 01/10/18 100%
Construction Documents 01/10/18 04/16/18 100%
Bid and Award 04/16/18 05/21/18 100%
Construction Documents (Revised) 07/10/18 11/01/18 100%
Bid and Award 10/24/18 12/10/18 100%
Construction 01/04/19 03/23/20 75%
Building Commissioning 03/02/20 04/01/20 0%
Owner Occupancy 04/02/20 04/06/20 0%
Post Occupancy Evaluation 04/06/20 04/08/20 0%
Warranty Period (Bldg 10) 04/06/20 04/05/21 0%

Fire Restoration 

Continuing duct removal and cleaning of the upper Mechanical spaces. Encapsulation (in this case a spray on coating used to bind fibers or molecules to surfaces) of the Mechanical space’s permeable surfaces. Abatement, cleaning and encapsulation of the interior surfaces of the mechanical HVAC units. Engineering design for duct replacement. Contractor outreach for replacement of the HVAC ducting to be removed due to contamination.

Temporary building heating has been installed and is functioning well.

District Programs returned to most of the previously occupied areas on January 13, 2020. District items taken off-site for cleaning are being returned.

Weekly meetings with GAPS, ServPro, HMKCO, and the Insurance Company for planning and organization.

Completion of Mechanical space cleaning and encapsulation. Return of final items sent off-site for cleaning. Duct replacement design completion, and Contractor selection. The start of duct reconstruction. Weekly meetings for planning and organization.

Overall the recovery and restoration has gone very well. The few items that presented problems have been solved with teamwork and diligence.


Initial Design Drawings and Renderings

Click HERE for initial design drawings.

Click HERE for photo-realistic design renderings.