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Clover Ridge summer library program keeps students busy over break

Posted on: August 3, 2016

The weekly summer library program at Clover Ridge Elementary School featured athletes from South Albany High School. About two dozen high school students representing 10 school and club sports shared their skills and some lessons they’ve learned in their hours of practice and competition.

The program was organized by Clover Ridge teacher Sandra McMinds, who has a long history at the school as an instructional assistant, library/media teacher and now classroom teacher.

McMinds said the summer library program was started many years ago by another teacher. She took over planning responsibilities when she first came to the school, but there was a gap of a few years when she transferred to another school.

It is modeled after the public library summer reading program but is more accessible for families in the rural Clover Ridge area. “Our goal is to get books in the hands of kids and have fun family activities,” she said.

Today, the SAHS students shared their skills with students on the playfields. Elementary students rotated through basketball, baseball, football, track and soccer stations.

Before they went outside, McMinds asked the older students to answer a few questions. A few responses are below:

What does it take to be a student athlete?

“Focus on education, especially if you want to play in college.”
“Work hard if you want to be the best you can.”
“Start playing early.”

What are some good memories of your experience playing your sport?

“Eight of us were on the same club soccer team. We’re like a family. Having that on the high school team helps.”
“Waking up early for football practice is hard, but I remember how much I want to be the best I can.”
“Being district champions. It was a goal we had, and we worked hard to achieve it.”
“Riding the bus after a win. You always have fun after a win.”