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School Board honors North Albany Middle School All-Stars

Posted on: March 15, 2017

On Monday, the School Board honored Student All-Stars from North Albany Middle School for their motivation, perseverance, growth, and school and community service.

North Albany students are:

Chase Clure and Shelbylinn Connell

Shelbylinn Connell and Chase Clure are siblings and are both eighth graders being recognized for motivation and perseverance. Shelbylinn’s favorite class is choir and Chase’s favorite class is band. At the beginning of summer, the family went through some housing difficulties. The family stayed strong and the students found a way to start the year with a positive outlook. They have continued to do well as the housing issues were resolved.

Lauren Harvey

Lauren Harvey is in our seventh grade AVID class. Her favorite class is AVID. She is being recognized for perseverance and growth mindset. She has been making a concerted effort to retake assessments and has been sharing what she has learned in the tutorial process with her table groups in other classes like social studies.