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School Board honors North Albany Elementary Student All Stars

Posted on: May 8, 2017

On Monday, the School Board honored Student All-Stars from North Albany Elementary School for their motivation, perseverance, growth, and school and community service.

North Albany Elementary students are:

Hadley Huzefka

Hadley is a student who demonstrates respect and kindness towards her peers and adults daily.  She is always one who can be counted on to be a leader at school and demonstrates this through her actions. She is one of the first to volunteer to help or participate in class and always makes sure others are included.  She has a positive attitude and uses it to encourage and inspire others around her.    

Sayer Latta

Sayer Latta is an active member of North Albany Elementary’s Youth Changing the World club. As part of this club, he has been involved in many activities that make NAE and our community a better place. One recent activity Sayer was involved in was helping create videos that promote positive behaviors at school. Sayer is also a student who models excellent behavior and shows kindness toward all students.