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Home    News    Community member offers $20 for best Tangent student essay

Community member offers $20 for best Tangent student essay

Posted on: June 15, 2017

Last week,  a donor gave Tangent Elementary School fourth grader teacher Janeen Tope-Lehn a $20 bill and suggested that she ask her students to write a classroom essay entitled, “What I would do if given $20.”

The winner, as selected by the school staff, would receive the $20. The assignment would tie in nicely with the district’s character education program which emphasizes kindness and social responsibility.

Fifth grader Savannah Horton was the winner with her kind words about how she would help homeless people:

“If I was given 20 dollars, I would help the homeless. I would buy clothes for them. I would buy food for them. I would find shelter for them. But there is only so much you can do with 20 dollars. I will do my best for them and hopefully they will find a home. I believe everyone deserves warmth and comfort.”