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Bus volunteers ride along to help elementary students

Posted on: September 15, 2017

Young students who are learning the ropes in the new school year are getting support from older students, who are riding along on bus routes to ease anxiety and help the students find their way home.

For the first three weeks of school, Timber Ridge students in teacher Shay Brunson’s leadership class are catching a bus to Clover Ridge Elementary School and riding along to help make the route run smoother.

Eight students in seventh and eighth grades currently participate as part of volunteer club in the class. They are Emily Hobson, Tyger DeBolt, Ruby Shumaker, Aaliyah Ware, Abby Hobson, Alex Brunson, Maddilyn Neely and Laura Lovell.

The program, now in its second year, is a hit with the student volunteers, the K-2 students they assist and the bus drivers.

The volunteer riders agreed that the first day was challenging, but the ride is smoother now. Route 6 bus driver, Diane, said she would love to keep her student volunteer all year. “I would love it,” said Abby, a seventh grader. She said she will be back to volunteer again on Diane’s bus next year.