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School Board honors Periwinkle Student All-Stars

Posted on: January 12, 2018

On Monday, the School Board honored Student All-Stars from Periwinkle Elementary School for earning the highest scores on the 2016-17 state assessments in language arts, math and science.

The students were introduced by Principal Chaundra Smith. Pictured (from left):

Sam Nelson, science
Sam is a highly motivated self-starter. He sets a strong example for his peers and is a great friend. Math is a strength for Sam, and he loves to push his thinking and expand his learning. He may seem quiet, but when you take time to talk with him, you will see what great ideas he has.

Brenden Wrigley, math
Brenden is a great student. He works hard and puts 100% into every assignment. Brenden loves to read and was always sharing with us what he was currently reading. He was definitely our resident Harry Potter expert!

Anthony Bowen, language arts
Anthony is a sharp-minded young man. The effort he puts into his work is always his hardest, and he consistently pushes himself to do more. Because of his endless drive and natural intuition, I know Anthony will go on to do important things in life.

Brayden McKay, math
Brayden is an exceptional student and leader. He works well above his grade level in math and has fantastic critical-thinking skills. He is a model student with high motivation and determination to exceed at high levels in math.

McKenzie McKay, math
Kenzie is a very kind, hard-working student who gives her best effort on anything she attempts.

Sofi Li, language arts
Sofia is a phenomenal student who is extremely motivated. Her reading and writing skills are significantly above grade level. She is extremely creative in her writing and shows a deep understanding for looking at text critically.