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School Board honors Tangent Elementary Student All Stars

Posted on: January 26, 2018

On Monday, the School Board honored Student All-Stars from Tangent Elementary School for earning the highest scores on the 2016-17 state assessments in language arts, math and science.

The students were introduced by Principal Gretchen Rayburn. Tangent students are (from left):

Layla Almason, fifth-grade English language arts and math: Layla is a dedicated student who always strived to do her best. She is an amazing dancer. She received the highest recognition in the area of language arts and mathematics.

Kyle Campbell, fifth-grade science: Kyle has a keen sense of humor and is always seeking out any science fact. He received the science award for 5th grade science at Tangent.

Noah Lopez, fourth-grade math: Noah is a hard worker who is proud of his family and farm and can take any situation and problem solve it. He is a leader at Tangent Elementary and is part of our student leadership team.

Abigail Ghio, fourth-grade English language arts: Abigail is a diligent student who puts her whole heart and soul into a project. She takes initiative to extend her thinking and apply her knowledge into her work. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow and succeed at such a high level.

Not pictured: Conner Bleaker, third-grade math and English language arts.