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Student All-Stars: Lafayette Elementary School

Posted on: May 9, 2018

At the first annual GAPS Student All-Stars Celebration, the School Board honored outstanding students from each school. Students were nominated by school staff and introduced by the school principal.

Lafayette Elementary All-Stars are: 

Sabrina Zhang (pictured)

Sabrina Zhang is a new student to Lafayette Elementary, and she has quickly proven she is a very respectful, responsible girl who makes excellent choices and always tries her best.  In fact, she goes above and beyond, asking what more she can do, and taking on more responsibilities than is expected of her. She takes pride in her classroom job and in her school work, and is an example to all.  She has a very bright future ahead of her.

Allie Kennedy (not present)

Allie Kennedy is a kind, caring, helpful student who is well-liked by everyone.  She is always wanting to go the extra mile to help out someone who may need it, or to work on the classroom library, file papers, hand out newsletters, clean up after others, and more.  Allie is very responsible and makes excellent choices, and she tries her very best in class. Allie is an exceptional member of our class and Lafayette Elementary School School.