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Student All-Stars: North Albany Middle School

Posted on: May 9, 2018

At the first annual GAPS Student All-Stars Celebration, the School Board honored outstanding students from each school. Students were nominated by school staff and introduced by the school principal.

North Albany Middle School All-Stars are: 

Grace Nealy

G- Gives all of her effort on EVERYTHING she does. I have never seen her not try her absolute hardest in ALL areas of school, sports, drama, etc.

R- Radiates positivity and joy. Her bright smile in the morning always makes her teachers and classmates have a more wonderful day by just being in the same room.

A-  Academic Excellence: she has no weakness- I think she may be an undercover superhero.

C- Creativity that is effortless. She thinks concretely and abstractly, performs in the drama productions, MC of the talent show, and her academic work always exhibits out of the box thinking and questions.

E- Excellence in all aspects of life. Not only does she win the award for most fashionable in the 8th grade, but she also excels in competitive volleyball and gives much her time to her team, which she balances between perfect grades and citizenship.

Selena Diviney

G is for green. Everyday Selena is head to toe in her favorite color and she never strays. That self confidence is unique in the middle school and her teachers applaud Selena for being true to who she is.

R Resourceful. Selena uses what is around her to make the best decision possible.

E Everything. Selena is good at everything. She excels at science and math but is an incredible artist. She wants to go to culinary school but the truth is she could be anything she wants.  She is an avid reader and goes through books faster than I can recommend them.

E Excellence. Selena never does work for just the sake of doing it. She puts 100% into everything she does and goes the extra distance. She never settles, she refuses to let those around her settle.

N nice. Selena is kind to everyone with no exceptions. She has a witty and fun sense of humor that is a delight to hear.