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Student All-Stars: Clover Ridge Elementary School

Posted on: May 10, 2018

At the first annual GAPS Student All-Stars Celebration, the School Board honored outstanding students from each school. Students were nominated by school staff and introduced by the school principal.

Clover Ridge Elementary School All-Stars are: 

Ava Foster

Ava Foster is an outstanding citizen at Clover Ridge. She is a kind and honest student and always treats people and property with respect. She sets an example for all with her strength of character and personal responsibility as she consistently follows the school rules. Ava shows the courage to make the right choices and is willing to help others whenever needed. Ava is an excellent listener and always tries her best. She has a positive attitude toward classmates and staff and definitely makes our community a better place.

Ethan Jacobs

Ethan has such a positive attitude.  He is dedicated and works hard in all academic areas. He completes assignments in a timely manner and with great accuracy.  Ethan is willing to put in extra time and effort when required and is willing to work with others.  Ethan never seems to stop learning. When one task is complete, he finds another opportunity to continue learning.  He not only shows a growth mindset, but is also an outstanding citizen.