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Home    News    Oak Grove’s Fin-tastic Fish team wins international honor

Oak Grove’s Fin-tastic Fish team wins international honor

Posted on: May 16, 2018

The all-girls Lego Robotics team from Oak Grove Elementary School won international recognition for “improving the lives of women in third world countries one LEGO® brick at a time.”

The Fin-tastic Fish team was chosen as the Avengers of the Week by the Gender Avengers organization for promoting girls in STEM and CORE Values.

This all-girl robotics team did extensive research on “how girls in developing countries might use micro-hydroelectric water power to improve their quality of life.”

Specifically, this award is based on the team’s solution to a lack of light for studying in developing countries:

“The team figured out how to program a robot that, when placed in a small stream, uses the water current to recharge batteries and small LED lights enabling them to have better light sources than candles/open flames.”

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