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The Home Depot at Clover Ridge

Posted on: April 16, 2019

IN THE fall of 2018, Adrianne Betterton, teacher for our Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research program (STAR), reached out to The Home Depot in Albany, requesting a small donation of supplies for a flower box for her students. Mrs. Betterton’s hope was to incorporate learning about plant life with hands-on activities.

The Home Depot’s response was above and beyond anything Mrs. Betterton had hoped for. Through their Team Depot Foundation, The Home Depot took on the project, donating all the supplies as well as the labor to make it happen.  

The labor for the project included the following:

  • removal of existing walkway pavers, stone flower bed borders, and multiple plants and shrubbery
  • painting the outside of the school behind the new bed area
  • laying a new stone walkway
  • laying new rubber mulch to make access to the beds easier 
  • building four custom planter boxes, designed to be portable to move with to Meadow Ridge
  • repainting the United States mural in our covered play area

This wonderful new area is such a blessing and will be put to good use by all our students, providing a great opportunity to use hands-on learning. A huge thank you to The Home Depot Albany and their crew for making this all possible!