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School Facilitator Contacts

For any questions regarding your student’s TAG service plan, please contact your school facilitator or the District TAG coordinator, Stacey Lee.


Facilitator Name

Facilitator Email


Megan Ciaffoni

Lafayette Jaimie Schep
Liberty Christine Robinson
Meadow Ridge Joan Caulfield
North Albany Elementary Debbie Blaine
Oak Ashleigh Thorstad
Oak Grove Molly Palmer
Periwinkle Savannah Battro
South Shore Mariana Fisher

Christine Polito

Takena Megan Ciaffoni
Tangent Jasmin Beireis
Timber Ridge Lindsey Simons
Waverly Natalia Silvestry
Calapooia Mackenzie Wroblewski
Memorial Kerrie O’Brien
NAMS Joren Larson
AOS Kayla Crossan  
SAHS Joyce Lebengood
WAHS Sean Saxton
Albany Online Tracie Ross
District Office Stacey Lee