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AOS, SAHS and WAHS students and staff receive 2018 Peacemaker awards

Posted on: May 18, 2018

The annual Peacekeepers awards ceremony honored students and staff from Albany Options, South Albany and West Albany high schools. The award recognizes schools that promote harmony, peace and justice in the community.

The following students and staff were recognized at a lunch event on May 7.

Albany Options

Hailey Cotton
Laurel Elliott
Stefany Sanchez
Breanna Volkers

Faculty/Staff: Danny Corliss

South Albany High School

Itzel Alvarez
Emily Balck
Katie Beasley
Sage Bodily
Ambri Burton
Ryan Butler
Samantha Chavarria
Daniela Chavez
Angel Escorcia
Samantha Escorcia
Isaiah Exton
Moises Gonzalez
Jaden Guilford
Ramon Hernandez
Rose Howard
Alex King
Grace Lawson
Taylor Lewis
Brenda Lopez-Lopez
Eddie Martinez
Victor Maxfield
Nick McBee
Susie Montes
Ashlee Nunez
Karla Ortega-Montenegro
Savannah Partridge
Matthew Perry
Pippa Richardson
Isaac Soutwick
Terran Swope
Christopher Vega DeLeon
Christian Vosgien
Elizabeth Wood
Evelin Zuniga

Faculty/Staff: Brandon Neal, Chelsea Palmer, Kaylee Roderick, Chris Van Cauteren, Rose Zoellner

West Albany High School

Liliana Bacilio
Colton Byers
Athena Boysen
Esther Bugge
Jacqueline Clark
Josie Davis
Sabrina Davis
Ceanne Elliott
Hailyn Gibson
Karlie Guilliot
Kennedy Guilliot
Jalen Handy
Jack Lamont
Freddy Lopez
Eli Nicholas
Marcella Norris
Yurtzia Peraza
Vada Shelby
Diego Silva
Anna Soot
Hannah Thorp
Cindy Wong
Abby Wooton
Kassandra Worley

Faculty/Staff: Mr. Wadlow

Photos by Don Bacher. See entire album on Flickr.

Peacemaker award winners pose for photo

Memorial sixth graders spend week at outdoor school

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Memorial Middle School sixth graders are at outdoor school this week. The new program is funded by the Oregon Lottery as part of Measure 99, passed by voters in 2016.

Outdoor school runs from May 14-18. It is at Camp Harlowe in Eugene and was developed in cooperation with the Calapooia Watershed Council. Students are chaperoned by Memorial parents and staff and assisted by 40 high school camp counselors from South Albany and West Albany High School.

It is a busy week for these students. Activities include crafts, team activities, skis and educational programs.

See the schedule for a list of programs and activities. 

Read more information in the parent handbook. 

Oak Grove’s Fin-tastic Fish team wins international honor

Posted on: May 16, 2018

The all-girls Lego Robotics team from Oak Grove Elementary School won international recognition for “improving the lives of women in third world countries one LEGO® brick at a time.”

The Fin-tastic Fish team was chosen as the Avengers of the Week by the Gender Avengers organization for promoting girls in STEM and CORE Values.

This all-girl robotics team did extensive research on “how girls in developing countries might use micro-hydroelectric water power to improve their quality of life.”

Specifically, this award is based on the team’s solution to a lack of light for studying in developing countries:

“The team figured out how to program a robot that, when placed in a small stream, uses the water current to recharge batteries and small LED lights enabling them to have better light sources than candles/open flames.”

Read more about the Fin-tastic Fish in the Democrat-Herald

Middle School Track Highlights

Posted on: May 15, 2018

The last district middle school track meet was May 10. The four middle schools competed on the West Albany High school track.

The track program is a popular GAPS middle school athletic sport. This season, more than 300 athletes participated from all four GAPS middle schools.

More photos are posted on Facebook.

Student All-Stars: Liberty Elementary School

Posted on: May 14, 2018

At the first annual GAPS Student All-Stars Celebration, the School Board honored outstanding students from each school. Students were nominated by school staff and introduced by the school principal.

Liberty Elementary School All-Stars are: 

Baylee Whitney

Baylee is a leader around Liberty and is on our fifth-grade leadership team. She is very kind and helpful with all her classmates. Baylee loves basketball and plays on a YMCA team and she plays some volleyball. Her favorite subjects in school are art and writing, and she loves to write stories outside of school. She is a very responsible and hard worker in the classroom.

Charlie Frank

Charlie Frank is a kind and thoughtful student. He always gives his best effort in all of his school work, while having a positive attitude and encouraging his classmates. Charlie sings in the Liberty Singers choir group after school. Charlie’s grandfather has MS and struggles getting around, so Charlie goes to his house every day after school and helps with daily chores like getting the mail, taking out the trash, and changing sheets. Charlie Frank is a special individual who makes his class, his school, and his community a better place.