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Trudy Ludwig Is Coming to Takena & Central!

Posted on: February 19, 2019

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

1:05 – 1:50 p.m. in Takena’s Library

On Wednesday, February 20th, students and staff at Takena and Central Elementary Schools will have the opportunity to spend time with children’s advocate and award-winning author Trudy Ludwig.

Trudy has been featured in US national media outlets including ABC’s Good Morning America;  PBS’s nationally syndicated show, Keeping Kids Healthy; Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and the National Crime Prevention Council’s Circle of Respect program. She has also served as an expert panel member on Sesame Workshop’s video series addressing bullying.

The invisible Boy book cover.Her books (My Secret Bully, Just Kidding, Sorry!, Trouble Talk®, Too Perfect, Confessions of a Former Bully, Better Than You, The Invisible Boy, Gifts from the Enemy, and her newest release, Quiet Please, Owen McPhee!) have received international praise for addressing friendship and bullying issues and for helping children in kindergarten through grade eight connect and engage with their peers in kinder, more inclusive ways. 

Trudy will present to our students, with assemblies at each school. She presents in grade clusters (i.e., Kindergarten – grade 2; grades 3-5, respectively), so that she can address friendship issues and social peer cruelty in an age-appropriate manner. She will also provide a staff in-service presentation later that day to help them in their ongoing efforts to promote a safe social-emotional learning environment for our students.

For more information about Trudy, her books, and other resources on the topics of friendship and bullying issues, please visit the author’s website:

We wish to give special thanks to the Central/Takena’s Parent/Teacher Association and the Albany Public Schools Foundation for making this author visit possible.


South Albany Has RedHawk PRIDE!

Posted on: February 18, 2019

ON FEBRUARY 13th, South Albany High School held their Gathering of Champions recognition ceremony. Gathering of Champions celebrates students who demonstrate excellence in areas other than athletics. An impressive 147 students were applauded for having a 4.0 GPA last semester!

250 students were also nominated for demonstrating South Albany High School PRIDE: perseverance, respect, integrity, discipline, and excellence, which is an important attribute to South Albany’s academic culture.

South Albany’s principal, Nate Munoz, honored the students who have worked hard this past semester.

“I’d like to give praise to those students with exemplary academic achievement, and to those students who have demonstrated PRIDE. Thank you for representing our school for our families and community.”

Congratulations to all the nominees! Go RedHawks!

Board Member Appreciation

Posted on: February 14, 2019

IN HONOR of January being Board Member Appreciation Month, we’d like to thank our hard-working school board members.

JenniferJennifer Ward is a biologist for the Watershed Program for the City of Corvallis, and Board Chair for Greater Albany Public Schools. All three of her children are either alums of GAPS or currently enrolled.

Her favorite aspect of occupying a position on the board is the endless opportunities for educational and leadership development. She is especially thankful to voters passing the bond. “Seeing the new schools, CTE spaces, and safety upgrades is exciting!”

Frank BricknerFrank Bricker is Vice Chair and has been farming in North Albany for nearly thirty years. He and his wife, Linda, will be celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary in September. Two of his children pursued farming, and his daughter, Patty, teaches classes at Lafayette Elementary School.

Serving on the board provides Frank dynamic challenges where he can use his experience and practicality to help the community.

KimKim Butzner is the communications manager for the Department of Justice. Albany pride runs strong in her family’s veins; her husband and son are South Albany alums, and her daughter is a South Albany freshman. Her motivation for being on the board is the ability to “help make crucial educational and safety decisions for the best interest of the kids, families, and community.”

She enjoys travel, photography, and boating, and has a delightful three-year old Boxer mix named Maggie.

Micah Smith is a board member for GAPS and a Lieutenant at Linn County Sheriff’s Office. He has a wife and three kids, and enjoys working on their hobby farm and playing board games. Advocacy and leadership are strong themes in Micah’s work; he loves giving his time to bettering the education of youth in the Albany School District.

“Students from GAPS travel the world, attend advanced schooling, find employment, and serve in our military. They become integral members in our society. It’s a privilege to play a small part in that success.”

LyleLyle Utt is a programmer analyst for Marion County. He has a wife and three children, plus two wonderful grandchildren. As a genealogy hobbyist, he can trace five generations of his family back to the Willamette Valley. Helping GAPS kids succeed motivates him to keep working hard.


Thank you, board members for all you do!

Hats off to you for all you do!

Hats off to you, for all you do! Thank you, School Board. By the North Albany Complex.

Oak Grove and Meadow Ridge Open House

Posted on: February 13, 2019

Casa abierta de las escuelas primarias Oak Grove y Meadow Ridge: Haga Clic Aquí Para Español

Community open house times and locations

February 26th: Timber Ridge, 6:30PM to 8:30PM

February 27th: North Albany Middle, 6:30PM to 8:30PM

PDF in English; en Español 

CONSTRUCTION IS nearing completion on Greater Albany School District’s two new facilities at Oak Grove and Meadow Ridge. The district has formed a committee to address the activation of these facilities, composed of parents, teachers, principals, seniors, and other community leaders.

Questions to be addressed by the committee:

How should Oak Grove, North Albany Elementary, and Fir Grove be organized by grade level and general use? How should the school boundaries be organized?

Should Fir Grove remain in use as a neighborhood school?

Should Meadow Ridge open in the middle of the academic year when it’s complete, or should the district wait until Fall 2020?

How should the grade levels for Meadow Ridge and Timber Ridge be organized?

Community open house structure and process:

There is no fixed presentation; information will be presented on informational kiosk stations and participants may hear a brief, personalized presentation from a district facilitator and ask questions.

Community members may attend a meeting at any time during the declared two-hour meeting window, and at any location. The content of both meetings at each location is the same.

An information sheet will be distributed identifying the remaining decisions, and a survey will be be made available for reporting to the committee and school board, to inform their final decisions.

Please call the schools with any questions.

Spanish Translation

Meadow Ridge Construction Site Feb 2019

Casa abierta de las escuelas primarias Oak Grove y Meadow Ridge

La construcción está casi llegando a su culminación en las dos nuevas instalaciones del Distrito Escolar de Albany, para Oak Grove y Meadow Ridge. El distrito ha formado un comité para conversar acerca del funcionamiento de estas instalaciones, compuesto por padres, maestros, directores, adultos mayores y otros líderes de la comunidad.

Horarios y lugares de casas abiertas de la comunidad:

26 de febrero: Timber Ridge, de 6:30 PM a 8:30 PM

27 de febrero: Escuela secundaria North Albany Middle School, de 6:30 p.m. a 8:30 p.m.

Preguntas que serán abordadas por el comité:

¿Cómo deberían organizarse las escuelas primarias Oak Grove, North Albany Elementary y Fir Grove por nivel de grado y para el uso general? ¿Cómo deberían organizarse los límites escolares?

¿Debería la escuela Fir Grove permanecer en uso como una escuela de vecindario?

¿Debe la escuela Meadow Ridge abrir a mediados del año académico, cuando se complete o el distrito debe esperar hasta el otoño del 2020?

¿Cómo deberían organizarse los niveles de grado en Meadow Ridge y Timber Ridge?

Proceso y estructura de la casa abierta de la comunidad:

No hay una presentación fija; se presentará información en los quioscos con estaciones informativas y los participantes podrán escuchar una presentación breve y personalizada de un facilitador del distrito y hacer preguntas.

Los miembros de la comunidad pueden asistir a una junta en cualquier momento durante el periodo establecido para las juntas de dos horas y en cualquier lugar. En cada lugar, el contenido de ambas juntas es el mismo.

Se distribuirá una hoja informativa que identificará las decisiones restantes, y una encuesta estará disponible para presentarlo al comité y a la Mesa Directiva, para informar acerca de sus decisiones finales.

¿Tiene Preguntas? Por favor llame a su escuela o al centro de bienvenida.

Inclement Weather Practices FAQ

Posted on: February 8, 2019

Inclement Weather Practices FAQ

This is an update to our Delays & Closures page:

Albany Public Schools could experience unseasonably cold and wet weather for the next couple weeks. Here are our most frequently asked questions concerning school delays and closures.

What happens when the schools are closed?

There is no school or transportation. Closure information will ordinarily be broadcast by 6:00AM. The information will also be posted on the District Website and shared through FlashAlert.

Are there still school activities when the schools are closed?

No, all trips, activities, and practices are cancelled. On non-school days, contact building administration, your coach, or your advisor to see if activities are still running.

Do schedules run the same the first school day after a closure?

Yes. For West Albany High School, block schedule continues as normal. The school closure does not change the schedule.

What happens to buses if there is a two hour delayed start?

Delayed start information will ordinarily be broadcast by 6:00AM. The buses run two hours later, at the same locations. The buses are equipped to handle most weather. If a bus cannot make its pick-up destination, the affected houses will be contacted by district transportation.

Is there still school lunch during a delayed start?

Yes, all lunches will be served as close to their normal schedule as possible.

Is there still breakfast?

In general, if a school’s normal start time is 8:30AM or later, there will be no breakfast served, because lunch will be scheduled soon after classes start for that day. Grab-and-go breakfasts will be made available at select locations with earlier starts. Contact your school with any questions concerning breakfast availability.

Are there school activities when there’s a delayed start?

Morning activities are cancelled; afternoon activities will run normally.

For SPED partial-day programs:

  • Any program that starts or ends before noon will be cancelled.
  • Any student that would be in school less than two hours will not be transported (e.g. they would arrive at school at 12:30PM and go home at 1:45PM).
  • For BIC students with a split full-day, they will be transported to the afternoon portion of their instruction. Transportation will call households with pickup times.

Contact Transportation for any trip-specific questions: (541) 967-4626

If you have questions about the procedures summarized above, please contact the school or contact the District Office at (541) 967-4501.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre las prácticas por el mal clima

Las Escuelas Públicas de Albany podrían experimentar un clima inusualmente frío y húmedo durante las próximas dos semanas. Aquí están nuestras preguntas más frecuentes sobre retrasos y cierres escolares.

¿Qué sucede cuando las escuelas están cerradas?

No hay clases ni transporte. La información de cierre se emitirá normalmente a las 6:00 AM. La información también se publicará en el sitio del Internet del Distrito y se compartirá a través de  FlashAlert.

¿Todavía hay actividades escolares cuando las escuelas están cerradas?

No, todos los viajes, actividades y prácticas son cancelados. En días no escolares, comuníquese con la administración del edificio, su entrenador o su asesor para ver si las actividades aún se están ejecutando.

¿Los horarios funcionan igual el primer día escolar después de un cierre?

Sí. Para la preparatoria West Albany High School, el horario de bloque continúa de manera normal. El cierre de la escuela no cambia el horario.

¿Qué pasa con los autobuses si hay un inicio retrasado de dos horas?

La información de inicio con retraso generalmente se transmitirá a las 6:00 AM. Los autobuses salen dos horas más tarde, en los mismos lugares. Los autobuses están equipados para manejar la mayoría de los climas. Si un autobús no puede realizar recorrido para recoger a los estudiantes, los hogares afectados serán contactados por el transporte del distrito.

¿Todavía hay almuerzo escolar durante un inicio retrasado?

Sí, todos los almuerzos se servirán lo más cerca posible de su horario normal.

¿Todavía hay desayuno?

En general, si la hora de inicio normal de una escuela es a las 8:30 AM o más tarde, no se servirá el desayuno, ya que el almuerzo se programará poco después de que comiencen las clases para ese día. Los desayunos que son de llevar, estarán disponibles en lugares seleccionados con inicios más temprano. Póngase en contacto con su escuela si tiene alguna pregunta sobre la disponibilidad del desayuno.

¿Hay actividades escolares cuando hay un inicio retrasado?

Las actividades de la mañana son canceladas; Las actividades de la tarde se ejecutarán normalmente.

Para programas de Educación Especial de medio día.

  • Cualquier programa que comience o termine antes del mediodía será cancelado.
  • Cualquier estudiante que esté en la escuela menos de dos horas no será transportado (Por ejemplo: Si llegaría a la escuela a las 12:30 PM y se iría a casa a la 1:45 PM).
  • Para los estudiantes del programa BIC con una división en un día completo, serán transportados a la parte de la tarde de su instrucción. El transporte llamará a los hogares con los horarios de recojo.

Comuníquese con el departamento de Transporte para cualquier pregunta específica del viaje: (541) 967-4626.

Si tiene preguntas sobre los procedimientos resumidos anteriormente, comuníquese con la escuela o comuníquese con la Oficina del Distrito al (541) 967-4501.